Check in at the USFP Library on foursquare

There are a lot of places that you visit during the day, including the USFP Library. What if you used your mobile phone to record all those places? And then were given points for them? Would that be a fun game? That’s exactly what the web game foursquare is about!

Play along with your fellow [...]

It’s National Robotics Week

Find events and activities for this first National Robotics Week.

The purpose of National Robotics Week is to:

Celebrate the US as a leader in robotics technology development
Educate the public about how robotics technology impacts society, both now and in the future
Advocate for increased funding for robotics technology research and development
Inspire students of all ages to pursue [...]

UK and Australasian theses

The two following websites permit to search, and in some cases, access the full-text of several university theses in the UK and Australasian areas.

EThOS is the Electronic Theses Online Service, associated with the British Library. The databases contains 250,000+ theses, prepared in British universities. No login is necessary to search the databases but a (free) [...]

Publication of interest: Science and Engineering Indicators 2010

The National Science Board just published the Science and Engineering Indicators for 2010.

“The indicators included in Science and Engineering Indicators 2010 derive from a variety of national, international, public, and private sources and may not be strictly comparable in a statistical sense. As noted in the text, some data are weak, and the metrics [...]

“Hey, where do you learn best?” video contest

Herman Miller is launching a video contest for college and university students. Herman Miller is a office furniture designer/manufacturer.

It’s a national contest with a visa gift card prize for 1st ($2,500), 2nd ($1,500) and 3rd place ($1,000). Entrants are asked to produce a video no more than 3 minutes in length, answering the [...]

New blog theme

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you will notice the new look. Over the break, the Office of Information Technology upgraded the blogging software. However in the process, the post categories and the pages have disappeared. We will work on reinstating them (although we may move some of the pages’ content to [...]

Website of interest: ebrary Discover

ebrary is a publisher of electronic books. They now offer the ebrary Discover service where everyone can search and read a collection of 20,000 ebooks free of charge. The books are recent and in a wide array of disciplines from a variety of publishers. A free registration is necessary. Want to print a page or [...]