Tracked in America

Tracked in America is an online audio documentary, launched by a coalition of human rights, civil rights and educational organizations, that provides an in-depth look at U.S. government surveillance throughout history from pre-World War I to post-9/11. The documentary is composed of two hours of audio interviews, 300 photographs and 25 personal stories beginning [...]

Returning library materials

I would like to provide some details on how to safely return borrowed materials from the USF libraries and to ensure you do not receive fines or bills for the replacement of lost items.

Library items from the Tampa Library, the St.Pete Library, the Sarasota Library, the Health Sciences Library or the FMHI Library borrowed at [...]

SFX trouble

If you have been seeing a higher number of error messages that say that the full text of a journal article is not available (when in fact it is) when attempting to link to full text through SFX from our article databases, you are not alone. This is not a problem with USF but a [...]

Students are lacking ‘information literacy,’ study says

The October 17, 2006 online edition of the Chronicle of Higher Education sports an article about the lack of information skills among college and college-bound students. Students Lack ‘Information Literacy,’ Testing Service’s Study Finds (access to the full text should work if you are on campus) relates the results from a study by Educational Testing [...]

New USF resources at the Lakeland Library

Here is a list of new books available at the PCC/USF Library, which arrived during September and the first part of October, for the USF collection.

Those materials are now on the shelves; use your USF ID card to borrow them. Some exceptions: reference books (with REF at the beginning of the call number) must [...]

Instructors, show that librarian some love!

Actually, I’m enjoying excellent relations with the Lakeland faculty, thank you. But this article, Show Your Librarian Some Love, from the October 3rd 2006 issue of the Chronicle of Higher Education makes a good point about why instructors should welcome librarians in their classes for “research instruction” (access to the full text should work if [...]