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New resources for the Center for Research Libraries in 2007

Faculty members, remember that you have access to rare and important primary sources from around the world with the Center for Research Libraries. From an email from Larry Heilos, Associate Director of the Tampa Library:

Center for Research Libraries (CRL) just recently announced the list of major microform collections that will be purchased through CRL’s FY2007 Purchase Proposal Program. We’re happy to report that several of USF Library’s priority picks were among the collections selected for purchase, including the two Incunabula titles, Guatemala News and Information Bureau Archive, and Bernard Shaw papers.

One of the perks of USF Libraries’ CRL membership is participation in the Center’s annual purchase program. Each year, CRL’s membership, comprising more than 100 of the nation’s premier research libraries, nominate for consideration and then vote for those titles they want the Center to purchase from its budget for major microform collections. Titles garnering the most votes are purchased by the Center for its permanent collection and made available to the membership on-site and through interlibrary loan (…)

(Tampa Library’s) Access Services Associate Director, Merilyn Burke, can assist you in acquiring these or any of CRL’s other microform resources for your research through interlibrary loan. Unlike most items borrowed through ILL, which must be returned to the lending institution in a set period generally lasting around than two weeks, materials borrowed from CRL can be retained for six months or more, with virtually unlimited renewals for as long as the materials are needed.

Merilyn can be reached at 974-4561, or by email at

Logon to CRL’s website, which includes access to their online catalog, at

The list with a full description of the new collections can be found at

  • Arabic Manuscripts in the British Library – Islamic Mysticism & Philosophy
  • Curzon India and Empire Pt 1: the papers of Lord Curzon 1859-1925 from the Oriental and India Office Collections at the British Library London
  • Doctoral Dissertations from Israel in the subject matter of Jewish and Israel Studies
  • Documenting the Peruvian Insurrection
  • East India Company Factory Records: Sources from the British Library London Pt 1: China and Japan
  • East India Company Factory Records: Sources from the British Library London Pt 2: China
  • English Clandestine Satire 1660-1704: Popular Culture Entertainment and Information in the Early Modern Period
  • German Colonial Archives Reichskolonialamt R1001. Installment 3
  • Incunabula: the Printing Revolution in Europe 1455-1500. Units 63 and 64: Romances
  • Incunabula: The Printing Revolution in Europe 1455-1500. Units 72, 75-77. Units 72 & 75 are on Printing in Florence. Units 76 & 77 are on Printing in Venice
  • Latin American History and Culture: Series 5. Civil War Society and Political Transition in Guatemala: The Guatemala News and Information Bureau Archive 1963-2000
  • Shaw: the papers of Bernard Shaw 1856-1950 from the British Library Parts 1-3

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