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New database: Alinari PhotoLibrary Educational

Fratelli Alinari was founded in 1852 and is the oldest photographic archive in the world with over 3,500,000 photographs, ranging from the invention of photography to the present. For the first time Alinari PhotoLibrary Educational offers online access to a selection of 150,000 pictures for virtually every discipline. The leading university professors in Italy and Europe selected the more than 90,000 nineteenth and twentieth-century historical pictures, vintage prints in sepia and black and white and 60,000 color pictures. The core of the images covers:

Historical, economic and social disciplines: Anthropology, Communication Sciences, Economy, Education Sciences, Ethnography, Geography, History, Industrial History, Journalism, Political Sciences

Scientific disciplines: Agricultural Sciences, Astronomy, Botany, Engineering, Food Sciences, Medicine, Transportation, Psychology, Zoology

Artistic and literary disciplines: Archaeology, Architecture, Art, Cinema, Drawing and Graphic Art, Fashion and Costume, Literature, Music, Photography, Television, Theater, Architecture. (Includes the great works of art from the more important national and international museums in the world such as the Uffizi, Louvre, Vatican, and the Guggenheim.)

Searches can be conducted by author, subject, place depicted, date, photographic; by thesaurus, or works of art vs. photographs. Search options by the numbers include:

  • 8,000 search keywords in the iconographic thesaurus
  • 2,300 geographical sites in the world in the geographic thesaurus
  • 2,800 photographers
  • 300 events, including wars, natural catastrophes, breakthroughs in science
  • 7,800 Personalities

Important note on the use of this collection:Begin with the “Automatic Access” (green) link as there is no user name and password that is required to use this collection. Once you wish to view or download an image (480×480), there is a charge of one credit. USF has acquired 15,000 credits that are distributed across the IP ranges of the USF network. Be sure to click on the English tab to use the site in English.

For this database and other library resources visit Click on Search the Databases to begin.

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