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New platform release for JSTOR

A JSTOR platform update was recently completed. This update included several bug fixes:

  • The “Page of First Match” feature is restored. With this fix, selecting the “Page of First Match” link now takes users to the first page upon which a search term appears, rather than the first page of the article.
  • The ability to jump to search term locations by page is restored. Users will now see the “View list of pages with search term(s)” option at the top of each article page, and then may follow a link to each page that contains one or more of their search terms.
  • Thumbnail images on the “Images in JSTOR” tab are restored.
  • Several bugs with searching author names, phrase searching, wildcard searching, and fuzzy searching are corrected.
  • Citations are now numbered on the Export Citations and Email Citations pages.
  • Date formats are corrected in the delimited lists for JSTOR collections.

Please note that an error that causes difficulties with the Adobe Reader Find and Search functionality in downloaded PDFs is not fixed at this time. This fix was originally scheduled for this release but needed to be withdrawn for further development. JSTOR is actively working on this issue and plan to release this fix as soon as possible.

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