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Internet access disruptions possible

From USF’s Information Technology department:

The Internet service provider Sprint has depeered USF’s Internet service provider Cogent as of around 6PM October 30th. Because of this any single-homed Sprint customer will be unable to reach USF and vice versa. Many of you may remember this happened between Level3 and Cogent a few years ago and was caused by what Level3 considered unfair levels of traffic exchange between themselves and Cogent. Apparently a similar problem has surfaced between Sprint and Cogent.

For the library resources, this may mean that

1. A user off campus who has Sprint in his/her network path (with no other path around Sprint) will not be able to get to USF at all (either our website or EZProxy, or Blackboard).

2. Users either on or off campus attempting to access an electronic resource provided by a vendor who has Sprint in its network path (with no other route around Sprint) will not be able to get to that resource (remember that off campus users have to go through USF’s network via EZProxy/Blackboard to get to most eresources).

There is no practical alternative that we can offer those stricken by this situation at this time except to invite them to visit the Library for access. We’ll try to keep you posted as the situation progresses.

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