Trial databases: SpringerImages and SpringerMaterials: the Landolt-Börnstein Bornstein Database

The USF Libraries are currently offering two databases on trial. Both databases are of particular interest to USF Polytechnic. I will be happy to receive your comments.

SpringerImages is a growing collection of scientific images that spans the scientific, technical and medical fields, including high-quality clinical images from images.MD. The continually updated collection – currently over 1.5 million images – gathers photos, graphs, histograms, figures, and tables, and is available via a searchable online database. The SpringerImages interface enables users to search more broadly and more accurately, through captions, keywords, context and more, and then link from the image to the source article. Users can create personalized image sets, and can export images for use in presentations or lectures.

SpringerMaterials: The Landolt-Börnstein Database is based on the Landolt-Börnstein New Series, the unique, fully evaluated data collection in all areas of physical sciences and engineering. This is a systematic & comprehensive resource of selected and critically assessed data explained in their scientific context. SpringerMaterials covers the following areas:

* Particles, Nuclei and Atoms
* Molecules and Radicals
* Electronic Structure and Transport
* Magnetism
* Semiconductivity
* Superconductivity
* Crystallography
* Thermodynamics
* Multiphase Systems
* Advanced Materials
* Advanced Technologies
* Astro- and Geophysics

Both trial resources are available through MetaLib and through the links given, if you’re on campus.

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