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Eresource update: Palgrave Connect

Last fiscal year, the USF Libraries moved from print to online only with the purchase of all ebook titles published in 2008 and 2009 by Palgrave McMillan with access through Palgrave Connect. This year the 2010 collection expands with three new collections—Education, Media and Culture, and Theatre and Performance.

Palgrave Connect is a medium sized collection of ebooks with approximately 925 titles in the 2008 and 2009 collections. The 2010 collection will add about 1000 new titles. In addition to the three new subject collections, this ebook collection offers access to diverse scholarly, professional and popular titles in: Business & Management, Economics & Finance, History, Language & Linguistics, Literature & Performing Arts, Political & International Studies, Religion & Philosophy, and Social & Cultural Studies.

The breakdown, by collection and number of titles, for the 2010 collection is:

Business & Management Collection 2010: 127
Economics & Finance Collection 2010: 104
History Collection 2010: 133
Language & Linguistics Collection 2010: 34
Literature Collection 2010: 147
Theatre & Performance 2010: 29
Political & International Studies Collection 2010: 181
Religion & Philosophy Collection 2010: 54
Social Sciences Collection 2010: 110
Media & Culture 2010: 40
Education 2010: 53
Grand Total: 1012

With the Palgrave Connect content there is unlimited simultaneous access. Full text content is available in PDF format and is fully searchable. Printing is set at one chapter at a time. Ebook content can also be copied, pasted, and saved and can be accessed via ebook readers, such as Sony Readers. Hypertext links to ebook content can be created in Blackboard. This resource can support both undergraduate curriculum and graduate research.

You can search the titles in the catalog or in MetaLib (key in Palgrave Connect).

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