New resources

Here is a list of new arrivals at the PCC/USF Library for the months of May and June.


  • The price of whiteness : Jews, race, and American identity / Eric L. Goldstein.
    E184.36.E84 G65 2006
  • In the midst of all that makes life worth living : Polk County, Florida, to 1940 / Canter Brown, Jr.
    F317.P7 B76 2001
  • None can have richer memories : Polk County, Florida, 1940-2000 / by Canter Brown, Jr.
    F317.P7 B765 2005
  • The view from the dugout : the journals of Red Rolfe / edited by William M. Anderson.
    GV865.R65 A3 2006
  • The Cleveland Indians encyclopedia / Russell Schneider
    GV875.C7 S35 2001
  • Encyclopedia of knowledge management / David G. Schwartz, [editor]
    REF HD30.2 .E53 2006
  • Globalization and development in Latin America / edited by Richard L. Harris.
    HF1480.5 .G563 2005
  • Excel 2003 bible / John Walkenbach.
    HF5548.4.M523 W34578 2003
  • Same-sex marriage : the legal and psychological evolution in America / Donald J. Cantor
    HQ1034.U5 S245 2006
  • Handbook of health social work / edited by Sarah Gehlert and Teri Arthur Browne.
    HV687.A2 H36 2006
  • The passion of teaching : dispositions in the schools / edited by Robert Lee Smith, James Hurst, Denise Skarbek
    LB1025.3 .P27 2005
  • Handbook of research on literacy in technology at the K-12 level / Leo Tan Wee Hin and R. Subramaniam, editors.
    REF LB1028.43 .H36 2006
  • Elementary education : a reference handbook / Deborah A. Harmon and Toni Stokes Jones.
    LB1555 .H297 2005
  • Teacher mentoring and induction : the state of the art and beyond / Hal Portner, editor
    LB1731.4 .T453 2005
  • The best teacher’s test preparation for the FTCE : Florida Teacher Certification Examination–professional education test / Leasha M. Barry
    LB1763.F6 B47 2005
  • Thirteen strategies to measure college teaching : a consumer’s guide to rating scale construction, assessment, and decision making for faculty, administrators, and clinicians / Ronald A. Berk
    LB2333 .B47 2006
  • Taking ownership of accreditation : assessment processes that promote institutional improvement and faculty engagement / edited by Amy Driscoll and Diane Cordero de Noriega
    LB2810.3.U6 D75 2006
  • White teachers, diverse classrooms : a guide to building inclusive schools, promoting high expectations, and eliminating racism / edited by Julie Landsman and Chance W. Lewis.
    LC1099.3 .W48 2006
  • Linguistic diversity and teaching / Nancy L. Commins, Ofelia B. Miramontes.
    LC201.5 .C59 2005
  • The positive side of special education : minimizing its fads, fancies, and follies / Kenneth A. Kavale, Mark P. Mostert.
    LC4019 .K38 2004
  • Handbook of research in emotional and behavioral disorders / edited by Robert B. Rutherford, Jr., Mary Magee Quinn, Sarup R. Mathur
    LC4801 .H35 2004
  • International encyclopedia of adult education / edited by Leona M. English.
    REF LC5211 .I56 2005
  • University of South Florida : the first fifty years, 1956-2006 / by Mark I. Greenberg
    LD1799.8 .G74 2006
  • Teaching English as a foreign or second language : a teacher self-development and methodology guide / Jerry G. Gebhard.
    PE1128.A2 G38 2006
  • Teaching and evaluating writing in the age of computers and high-stakes testing / Carl Whithaus
    PE1405.U6 W47 2005
  • Effect sizes for research : a broad practical approach / Robert J. Grisson, John J. Kim
    QA279 .G75 2005
  • Windows system programming / Johnson M. Hart.
    QA76.76.A65 H373 2005
  • Component-oriented programming / Andy Ju An Wang, Kai Qian
    QA76.76.C66 W36 2005
  • The art of computer virus research and defense / Peter Szor
    QA76.76.C68 S96 2005
  • Open systems and standards for software product development / P.A. Dargan.
    QA76.76.D47 D35 2005
  • Linux device drivers / Jonathan Corbet, Alessandro Rubini, and Greg Kroah-Hartman.
    QA76.76.D49 R92 2005
  • Understanding the Linux kernel / Daniel P. Bovet and Marco Cesati.
    QA76.76.O63 B665 2006
  • Test driving Linux : from Windows to Linux in 60 seconds / David Brickner.
    QA76.76.O63 B744 2005
  • Linux kernel development / Robert Love.
    QA76.76.O63 L673 2005
  • The Linux Kernel primer : a top-down approach for X86 and PowerPC architectures / Claudia Salzberg Rodriguez, Gordon Fischer, Steven Smolski.
    QA76.76.O63 R633 2006
  • Linux in a Windows world / Roderick W. Smith.
    QA76.76.O63 S588464 2005
  • Advanced programming in the Unix environment / W. Richard Stevens, Stephen A. Rago.
    QA76.76.O63 S754 2005
  • Operating systems : design and implementation / Andrew S. Tanenbaum, Albert S. Woodhull.
    QA76.76.O63 T36 2006
  • Solaris systems programming / Rich Teer.
    QA76.76.O63 T4314 2005
  • Virtualization : from the desktop to the enterprise / Chris Wolf and Erick M. Halter.
    QA76.76.O63 W64 2005
  • Enterprise information systems assurance and system security : managerial and technical issues / [edited by] Merrill Warkentin and Rayford Vaughn.
    QA76.9.A25 E5455 2006
  • Access 2003 bible / Cary N. Prague, Michael R. Irwin, and Jennifer Reardon.
    QA76.9.D3 P72548 2004
  • Microsoft Office Access 2003 inside out / John L. Viescas.
    QA76.9.D3 V545 2004
  • Computational intelligence for movement sciences : neural networks and other emerging techniques / Rezaul Begg, Marimuthu Palaniswami [editors].
    QP301 .C588 2006
  • Praeger handbook of Black American health : policies and issues behind disparities in health / edited by Ivor Lensworth Livingston
    REF RA448.5.N4 H364 2004
    2 volumes
  • Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders : DSM-IV-TR.
    RC455.2.C4 D536 2000
  • Handbook of mental health interventions in children and adolescents : an integrated developmental approach / Hans Steiner, editor.
    REF RJ499 .H324 2004
  • Technical communication and the World Wide Web / edited by Carol Lipson, Michael Day.
    T11 .T2985 2005
  • Creation, use, and deployment of digital information / edited by Herre van Oostendorp, Leen Breure, Andrew Dillon.
    T58.5 .C74 2005
  • Stuff you don’t learn in engineering school : skills for success in the real world / Carl Selinger.
    TA190 .S39 2004
  • Tools for teaching computer networking and hardware concepts / [edited by] Nurul I. Sarkar.
    TK5105.5 .T66 2006
  • Silence on the wire : a field guide to passive reconnaissance and indirect attacks / Michal Zalewski.
    TK5105.59 .Z35 2005
  • The Internet, the Web, and eBusiness : formalizing applications for the real world / Kai A. Olsen.
    TK5105.875.I57 O485 2005
  • Wiki : Web collaboration / Anja Ebersbach, Markus Glaser, Richard Heigl
    TK5105.8882 .E2413 2006

Journals/Newsletters (shelved by title)

  • Online Cl@ssroom: Ideas for Effective Online Instruction
  • Relational Child & Youth Care Practice


  • Race: The Power of an Illusion
    LKAVLIB GN269 .R337 2003
  • Social Skills Workshop (teen audience) – 4 DVDs
    Basic social skills
    USF LKAVLIB HQ783 .B3 2003
    Developing confidence and self-esteem
    USF LKAVLIB BF575.S39 D48 2003
    Negotiations and compromise
    USF LKAVLIB BF637.N4 N44 2003
    Shyness busting skills
    USF LKAVLIB BF724.3.B36 B3 2003

Children books – Some award-winning books finally arrived after late processing

  • Understanding the Holy Land : answering questions about the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict / Mitch Frank.
    CH.LIT DS119.7 .F723 2005
  • Good brother, bad brother : the story of Edwin Booth and John Wilkes Booth / James Cross Giblin
    CH.LIT E457.5 .G53 2005
  • Roberto Clemente : pride of the Pittsburgh Pirates / by Jonah Winter ; illustrated by Raul Colon.
    CH.LIT GV865.C45 W56 2005
  • Let me play : the story of Title IX : the law that changed the future of girls in America / Karen Blumenthal
    CH.LIT KF4166 .B58 2005
  • A family of poems : my favorite poetry for children / [selected by] Caroline Kennedy ; paintings by Jon J Muth.
    CH.LIT PN6109.97 .F3 2005
  • Poems to dream together = Poemas para so nar juntos / by Francisco X. Alarcon ; illustrations by Paula Barragan.
    CH.LIT PS3551.L22 P64 2005
  • Here in Harlem : poems in many voices / by Walter Dean Myers.
    CH.LIT PS3563.Y48 H47 2004
  • Central heating : poems about fire and warmth / Marilyn Singer ; illustrated by Meilo So.
    CH.LIT PS3569.I546 C46 2005
  • Guys write for guys read / edited by Jon Scieszka.
    CH.LIT PS509.M46 G89 2005
  • A kick in the head : an everyday guide to poetic forms / selected by Paul B. Janeczko ; illustrated by Chris Raschka.
    CH.LIT PS586.3 .K525 2005
  • Oh, no! Where are my pants? and other disasters : poems / edited by Lee Bennett Hopkins ; pictures by Wolf Erlbruch
    CH.LIT PS595.C565 O38 2005
  • And Tango makes three / by Justin Richardson and Peter Parnell ; illustrated by Henry Cole
    CH.LIT PZ10.3.R414 Tan 2005
  • Flush / Carl Hiaasen
    CH.LIT PZ7.H495 Flu 2005
  • That new animal / Emily Jenkins ; pictures by Pierre Pratt.
    CH.LIT PZ7.J4134 Th 2005
  • The hello, goodbye window / story by Norton Juster ; pictures by Chris Raschka.
    CH.LIT PZ7.J984 He 2005
  • Lucky leaf / Kevin O’Malley
    CH.LIT PZ7.O526 Lu 2004
  • Mice, morals and monkey business : lively lessons from Aesop’s Fables / Christopher Wormell.
    CH.LIT PZ8.2 .W67 Mic 2006
  • The race to save the Lord God Bird / Phillip Hoose
    CH.LIT QL696.P56 H66 2004
  • The librarian of Basra : a true story from Iraq / written & illustrated by Jeanette Winter.
    CH.LIT Z720.B24 W56 2005

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