RefWorks 2.0 is here!

Beginning this week, RefWorks, the web based citation manager, is changing its look.

While the interface will be new, all of your citations will still be available. RefWorks 2.0 will retain its power and functionality but with a new look and abilities that further enhance the user experience. Although you will be presented with the new interface, for the rest of 2011 you may switch back to Classic RefWorks whenever you like. Look for the RefWorks Classic link in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. You can toggle back and forth between the two interfaces.

RefWorks 2.0 is all the best of Classic, but streamlined with a clean, intuitive design that’s:

  • Simple – with key functions via new buttons, navigation toolbars, action icons, light boxes, and collapsible menus with one-click features and support resources at the user’s fingertips
  • Powerful – with the ability to quickly view full references and share information with colleagues or researchers anywhere, whether they are RefWorks users or not
  • Loved – by all levels of users – from undergrads using it to create simple bibliographies to advanced users such as faculty members and researchers for presentations, writing articles, or seeking to get their work published

Please note that Write-N-Cite and RefGrab-It are not available with the 2.0 interface but the classic versions work seamlessly with the rest of 2.0. RefWorks will be completing those features later this year.

You can log in RefWorks here. A preview of the 2.0 version and a RefWorks 2.0 Fundamentals tutorial are also available.

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