New website for the USF in Lakeland Library

We have a new website! Please point your browser and change your bookmarks for the USF in Lakeland Library’s new site at

The new site is also accessible from the “Library” link from the front page of the USF in Lakeland’s website and on its “Student Tools” page.

We’re still working on it and some content will make their way there later this month, like our Research Guides.

Please also note that this blog is discontinued. You will get all the latest news from the Library on its new site. And you can always follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

2 comments to New website for the USF in Lakeland Library

  • John

    I thought that USFP or USFL doesn’t exist anymore and that all if it belongings are now property of Florida Poly. How is it that the Poly/Lakeland Library continue to function?

  • Catherine Lavallee-Welch

    Hi, USF in Lakeland still exists during the teach-out period, during which USF in Lakeland students can finish their degrees here. The teach-out will last until summer 2015. Because there are still students, there are still library services to help them in their research and studies.

    The determination of what the Florida Polytechnic University assets consist of is still underway; meanwhile the print collections in Lakeland are still available to students, faculty and staff.