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Enhancements for PsychINFO through Ovid

If you search the PsychINFO database through the Ovid interface, you migth be interested to know about a new filter to refine your queries. Clinical Queries filter in only clinically sound search results by allowing end-users to set limits in as many as 9 categories—therapy, diagnosis, prognosis, reviews, clinical prediction guides, qualitative studies, etiology, costs, and economics—based on research studies by the Health Information Research Unit (HIRU) of McMaster University.

How Does It Work?
After performing an initial search, select the “More Limits” icon on the Main Search page. From the Clinical Queries list, choose a filter category from as many of the nine that are available for the specific database. Results are further refined by selecting one of three additional limiting options: “sensitivity”, which retrieves the greatest percentage of relevant citations within the database; “specificity”, which retrieves the greatest percentage of relevant articles within the search results; and “optimization”, which combines both options.

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