Catalog enhancements

If you used the USF Libraries catalog today, you may have noticed some enhancements:

  • the cover of the book is presented when available, on the right hand side
  • on the right hand side as well, you will find a link to Google Books giving you more information on the title. In some cases, you will be able to preview at least part of the content of the book, like the table of the contents. The link for the preview will be underneath the cover image.
  • back in the catalog, under each title, you will find different icons:
    • “Add” will add the title to a temporary list. At the end of your catalog search, even if you have done multiple queries, you will be able to find all the records in your list by clicking the “My folder has items” at the top of the page.
    • “Print” will print one record at a time.
    • “Email” will permit you to email the record to yourself or someone else.
    • “Save” will permit you to save the record onto the drive of your choice as a .txt file
    • finally, a “RefWorks” button will let you export the record to your RefWorks database
    • the “Print”, “Email”, “Save” and “RefWorks” are also available for your list.

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