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New resources at the USF Poly Library

Here are the items newly arrived at the USF Polytechnic Library during the month of October. As always, new circulating books are found in the “New books” stacks in the Group Study area; the new reference and special collections books as well as new A/V are being immediately shelved in their respective stacks.

Please remember that you can find more information on these books, like the table of contents or their current availability, by searching for the titles in the USF Libraries catalog.

To note, we received a copy of own Dr Alfredo Weitzenfeld’s book, Ingeniería de software orientada a objetos con UML, Java e Internet, for our USFP Faculty Publications Special Collection.


  • Still doing it < [videorecording> ] : the intimate lives of women over 65 / director, Deirdre Fishel ; producers, Deirdre Fishel, Diana Holtzberg ; produced in association with Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, TV2 Denmark. [Harriman, NY] : New Day Films, c2004.
    QH30 .S75 2004

Faculty Publications

  • Ingeniería de software orientada a objetos con UML, Java e Internet / Alfredo Weitzenfeld. México : Thomson, c2005.
    Faculty Publications QA76.64 .W435 2005


  • APA dictionary of psychology / Gary R. VandenBos, editor in chief. Washington, DC : American Psychological Association, c2007.
    Reference BF31 .A63 2007
  • Dictionary of the social sciences / edited by Craig Calhoun. Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2002.
    Reference H41 .D53 2002
  • Kiss, bow, or shake hands : the bestselling guide to doing business in more than 60 countries / Terri Morrison and Wayne A. Conaway. Avon, Mass. : Adams Media, c2006.
    Reference HF5389 .M67 2006
  • GAAS guide. Chicago, IL : CCH, 2007-
    Reference HF5667 .M514 2009
  • A dictionary of finance and banking. Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, 2008.
    Reference HG151 .D54 2008
  • Statistical rules of thumb / Gerald van Belle. Hoboken, N.J. : Wiley, c2008.
    Reference QA276.12 .V36 2008
  • Handbook of human factors and ergonomics / edited by Gavriel Salvendy. Hoboken, N.J. : John Wiley, c2006.
    Reference TA166 .H275 2006


  • Handbook of counseling psychology / edited by Steven D. Brown, Robert W. Lent. Hoboken, N.J. : John Wiley, c2008.
    BF637 .C6 H315 2008
  • From reliable sources : an introduction to historical methods / Martha C. Howell and Walter Prevenier. Ithaca [N.Y.] : Cornell University Press, 2001.
    D16 .H713 2001
  • Key concepts & techniques in GIS / Jochen Albrecht. Los Angeles : Sage Publications, 2007.
    G70.212 .A43 2007
  • Achieving business success with GIS / Bruce Douglas. Chichester, England ; Hoboken, NJ : Wiley, c2008.
    G70.212 .D68 2008
  • But didn’t we have fun? : an informal history of baseball’s pioneer era, 1843-1870 / Peter Morris. Chicago : Ivan R. Dee, 2008.
    GV863 .A1 M644 2008
  • “Ee-yah” : the life and times of Hughie Jennings, Baseball Hall of Famer / Jack Smiles. Jefferson, N.C. : McFarland & Company, c2005.
    GV865 .J39 S55 2005
  • Opening day : the story of Jackie Robinson’s first season / Jonathan Eig. New York : Simon & Schuster, c2007.
    GV865 .R6 E35 2007
  • Research design : qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods approaches / John W. Creswell. Thousand Oaks, Calif. : Sage Publications, c2009.
    H62 .C6963 2009
  • Seven rules for social research / Glenn Firebaugh. Princeton : Princeton University Press, c2008.
    H62 .F438 2008
  • Statistics for the behavioral sciences / Susan A. Nolan, Thomas E. Heinzen. New York : Worth Publishers ; [Basingstoke : Palgrave [distributor]], 2007, c2008.
    HA29 .N65 2007
  • Basics of qualitative research : techniques and procedures for developing grounded theory / Juliet Corbin and Anselm Strauss. Los Angeles, Calif. : Sage Publications, Inc., c2008.
    HA29 .S823 2008
  • Business / John Lipczynski. Chicago : Chicago Review Press, 2008, c2007.
    HC29 .L63 2008
  • Implementing information technology governance : models, practices, and cases / Wim van Grembergen, Steven De Haes. Hershey, PA : IGI Pub., c2008.
    HD30.2 .V363 2008
  • Managing for stakeholders : survival, reputation, and success / R. Edward Freeman, Jeffrey S. Harrison, Andrew C. Wicks. New Haven : Yale University Press, c2007.
    HD31 .F752 2007
  • Leadership : the key concepts / edited by Antonio Marturano and Jonathan Gosling. London ; New York : Routledge, 2008.
    HD57.7 .L413 2008
  • Global negotiation : the new rules / William Hernandez Requejo and John L. Graham. New York : Palgrave Macmillan, 2008.
    HD58.6 .R46 2008
  • Management practices in high-tech environments / Dariusz Jemielniak, Jerzy Kociatkiewicz [editors]. Hershey : Information Science Reference, c2008.
    HD62.37 .M353 2008
  • The Internet and American business / edited by William Aspray, Paul. E. Ceruzzi. Cambridge, Mass. : MIT Press, c2008.
    HE7583.U6 I57 2008
  • Convergence : user expectations, communications enablers and business opportunities / Christian Saxtoft. Hoboken, N.J. : John Wiley, c2008
    HE7631 .S29 2008
  • The world’s business cultures and how to unlock them / Barry Tomalin and Mike Nicks. London : Thorogood, c2007.
    HF5389 .T66 2007
  • Do it wrong quickly : how the web changes the old marketing rules / Mike Moran. Upper Saddle River, NJ : IBM Press, c2008.
    HF5415.1265 .M6646 2008
  • Human sigma : managing the employee-customer encounter / John H. Fleming, Jim Asplund. New York : Gallup Press, 2007.
    HF5415.5 .F54 2007
  • RFID for the optimization of business processes / Wolf-Ruediger Hansen, Frank Gillert ; translated by Kenneth Cox ; with a contribution from Viola Schmid. Chichester, England ; Hoboken, NJ : John Wiley & Sons, c2008.
    HF5416 .H3613 2008
  • Practical pricing for results / Ian Ruskin-Brown. London : Thorogood, c2008.
    HF5416.5 .R87 2008
  • E-business models, services, and communications / In Lee [editor]. Hershey, PA : Information Science Reference, c2008.
    HF5548.32 .E17752 2008
  • Human resource transformation : demonstrating strategic leadership in the face of future trends / William J. Rothwell, Robert K. Prescott, Maria W. Taylor. Mountain View, Calif. : Davies-Black Pub., c2008.
    HF5549 .R6358 2008
  • How to measure anything : finding the value of “intangibles” in business / Douglas W. Hubbard. Hoboken, N.J. : John Wiley & Sons, c2007.
    HF5681 .I55 H83 2007
  • Hedgefunds : an analytic perspective / Andrew W. Lo. Princeton : Princeton University Press, c2008.
    HG4530 .L59 2008
  • Key sociological thinkers / edited by Rob Stones. Basingstoke : Palgrave Macmillan, 2008.
    HM51 .K43 2008
  • Applications of complex adaptive systems / Yin Shan, Ang Yang [editors]. Hershey, PA : IGI Pub., c2008.
    HM484 .A67 2008
  • Making links : a collaborative approach to planning and practice in early childhood programs / Janet Gonzalez-Mena, Anne Stonehouse. New York : Teachers College, c2008.
    HQ778.5 .G66 2008
  • The handbook of children, media, and development / edited by Sandra L. Calvert and Barbara J. Wilson. Chichester, U.K. ; Malden, MA : Wiley-Blackwell, 2008.
    HQ784.M3 H26 2008
  • Crime and justice (Chicago, Ill.) Crime and justice. Chicago, University of Chicago Press [c1979-
    HV6001 .C672 v.37
  • Cop in the hood : my year policing Baltimore's eastern district / Peter Moskos. Princeton : Princeton University Press, c2008.
    HV7911 .M644 A3 2008
  • Artificial crime analysis systems : using computer simulations and geographic information systems / Lin Liu, John Eck [editors]. Hershey : Information Science Reference, c2008.
    HV7936 .C88 A78 2008
  • Police interrogation and American justice / Richard A. Leo. Cambridge, Mass. : Harvard University Press, 2008.
    HV8073.3 .L46 2008
  • The effective public manager : achieving success in a changing government / Steven Cohen, William Eimicke, Tanya Heikkila. San Francisco : Jossey-Bass, c2008.
    JF1351 .C574 2008
  • Correctional counseling & rehabilitation / Patricia Van Voorhis, Michael C. Braswell, David Lester. Newark, NJ : LexisNexis Matthew Bender, 2007.
    HV9276 .V35 2007
  • Lifecycle of a technology company : step-by-step legal background and practical guide from start-up to sale / Edwin L. Miller, Jr. Hoboken, N.J. : J. Wiley, c2008.
    KF1890 .H53 M55 2008
  • Qualitative research and case study applications in education / Sharan B. Merriam. San Francisco : Jossey-Bass Publishers, c1998.
    LB1028 .M396 1998
  • Contemporary perspectives on science and technology in early childhood education / edited by Olivia N. Saracho and Bernard Spodek. Charlotte, NC : IAP-Information Age Pub., c2008.
    LB1139.5 .S35 C66 2008
  • The mailbox. Preschool … yearbook. Greensboro, N.C. : Education Center, c1996-
    LB1140.35 .C74 M25 2007/08
  • Achieving excellence in preschool literacy instruction / edited by Laura M. Justice, Carol Vukelich. New York : Guilford Press, c2008.
    LB1140.5 .L3 A28 2008
  • The mailbox. Intermediate … yearbook. Greensboro, NC : Education Center, c1996-
    LB1592 .M35 2007/08
  • The mailbox. Kindergarten-grade 1 … yearbook. Greensboro, N.C. : Education Center
    LB1169 .M266 2007/08
  • The mailbox. Grades 2-3 … yearbook. Greensboro, NC : Education Center, c2005-
    LB1537 .M229
  • Student conduct practice : the complete guide for student affairs professionals / edited by James M. Lancaster and Diane M. Waryold ; foreword by Linda Timm. Sterling, Va. : Stylus Pub., 2008.
    Professional Development LB2344 .S78 2008
  • The strategic school : making the most of people, time, and money / Karen Hawley Miles, Stephen Frank. Thousand Oaks, CA : Corwin Press ; [Reston, VA] : National Association of Secondary School Principals, c2008.
    LB2805 .M469 2008
  • The principal as curriculum leader : shaping what is taught and tested / Allan A. Glatthorn, Jerry Jailall. Thousand Oaks, Calif. : Corwin Press, c2009.
    LB2806.15 .G588 2009
  • Developing effective principals through collaborative inquiry / Mónica Byrne-Jiménez, Margaret Terry Orr ; foreword by Tom Sobol. New York : Teachers College Press, c2007.
    LB2831.93 .B97 2007
  • Mirror images : popular culture and education / edited by Diana Silberman Keller … [et al.]. New York : Peter Lang, c2008.
    LC191 .M577 2008
  • Nurturing the gifted female : a guide for educators and parents / Joy L. Navan ; foreword by Elizabeth A. Meckstroth. Thousand Oaks, Calif. : Corwin Press, c2009.
    LC3993.2 .N38 2009
  • Teaching students with learning disabilities : a step-by-step guide for educators / Roger Pierangelo, George Giuliani. Thousand Oaks, CA : Corwin Press, c2008.
    LC4705 .P495 2008
  • Multimedia histories : from the magic lantern to the internet / edited by James Lyons and John Plunkett. Exeter : University of Exeter Press, 2007.
    P94.6 .M87 2007
  • Thinking strategies for science, grades 5-12 / Sally Berman. Thousand Oaks, CA : Corwin Press, c2008.
    Q181 .B532 2008
  • Math refresher for scientists and engineers / John R. Fanchi. Hoboken, NJ : Wiley, c2006.
    QA37.2 .F35 2006
  • Domain-specific modeling : enabling full code generation / Steven Kelly, Juha-Pekka Tolvanen. Hoboken, N.J. : Wiley-Interscience : IEEE Computer Society, c2008.
    QA76.7 .K45 2008
  • Metrics-driven enterprise software development : effectively meeting evolving business needs / Subhajit Datta. Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. : J. Ross Pub., c2007.
    QA76.76 .D47 D364 2007
  • Dynamic HTML : the definitive reference / Danny Goodman. Beijing ; Sebastopol, CA : O’Reilly, c2007
    QA76.76 .H94 G657 2007
  • Interprocess communications in Linux / John Shapley Gray. Upper Saddle River, NJ : Prentice Hall PTR, c2003.
    QA76.76 .O63 G7288 2003
  • Linux system programming / Robert Love. Beijing ; Cambridge : O’Reilly, c2007.
    QA76.76 .O63 L69 2007
  • Advanced UNIX programming / Marc J. Rochkind. Boston, Mass. : Addison-Wesley, c2004.
    QA76.76 .O63 R63 2004
  • Testing code security / Maura A. van der Linden. Boca Raton, FL : Auerbach Publications, c2007.
    QA76.9 .A25 V359 2007
  • Simulation and modeling : current technologies and applications / Asim Abdel Rahman El Sheikh, Abid Al Ajeeli, Evon M.O. Abu-Taieh [editors]. Hershey : IGI Pub., c2008.
    QA76.9 .C65 S528 2008
  • End user computing challenges and technologies : emerging tools and applications / Steve Clarke, [editor]. Hershey, PA : Information Science Reference, c2008.
    QA76.9 .E53 E462 2008
  • Memory as a programming concept in C and C++ / Frantisek Franek. Cambridge ; New York : Cambridge University Press, c2004.
    QA76.9 .M45 F73 2004
  • Handbook of granular computing / edited by Witold Pedrycz, Andrzej Skowron, Vladik Kreinovich. Chichester, West Sussex ; Hoboken, NJ : John Wiley & Sons, c2008.
    QA76.9 .S63 H36 2008
  • Teaching physics : with the physics suite / Edward F. Redish. Hoboken, NJ : John Wiley & Sons, c2003.
    QC30 .R348 2003
  • Biology for nonbiologists / Frank R. Spellman. Lanham, Md. : Government Institutes, 2007.
    QH307.2 .S65 2007
  • A guide to assessments that work / edited by John Hunsley and Eric J. Mash. New York : Oxford University Press, 2008.
    RC469 .G78 2008
  • Forensic assessment of violence risk : a guide for risk assessment and risk management / Mary Alice Conroy, Daniel C. Murrie. Hoboken, N.J. : John Wiley & Sons, c2007.
    RC569.5 .V55 C665 2007
  • Handbook of gerontology : evidence-based approaches to theory, practice, and policy / edited by James A. Blackburn, Catherine N. Dulmus. Hoboken, N.J. : Wiley, c2007.
    RC952.55 .H395 2007
  • Evaluation of the effects and consequences of major accidents in industrial plants / Joaquim Casal. Amsterdam ; London : Elsevier, c2008.
    T55 .C375 2008
  • Information systems and technology education : from the university to the workplace / Glenn R. Lowry, Rodney L. Turner [editors]. Hershey, PA : Information Science Reference, c2007.
    T58.5 .I528 2007
  • Intelligent information technologies and applications / Vijayan Sugumaran, [editor]. Hershey, PA : IGI Pub., c2008.
    T58.5 .I56515 2008
  • The robotics primer / Maja J. Matarić ; illustrations by Nathan Koenig. Cambridge, Mass. : The MIT Press, c2007.
    TJ211 .M3673 2007
  • Mechanics of user identification and authentication : fundamentals of identity management / Dobromir Todorov. Boca Raton : Auerbach Publications, c2007.
    TK5105.59 .T575 2007
  • Digital literacies : concepts, policies and practices / Colin Lankshear & Michele Knobel, editors. New York : Peter Lang, c2008.
    TK5105.875.I57 D546 2008
  • Handbook of computational intelligence in manufacturing and production management / Dipak Laha, Purnendu Mandal [editors]. Hershey, PA : Information Science Reference, c2008.
    TS155.6 .H357 2008
  • Environmentally conscious manufacturing / edited by Myer Kutz. Hoboken, N.J. : Wiley, c2007.
    TS155.7 .E5845 2007
  • Production scheduling / edited by Pierre Lopez, Francois Roubellat. London : ISTE ; Hoboken, NJ : John Wiley & Sons, 2008.
    TS157.5 .O7313 2008
  • Resilience engineering : concepts and precepts / edited by Erik Hollnagel, David D. Woods, Nancy Leveson. Aldershot, England ; Burlington, VT : Ashgate, c2006.
    TS173 .R47 2006
  • TS192 .N353 2008
  • Preventive maintenance / Terry Wireman. New York : Industrial Press, 2008.
    TS192 .W57 2008

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