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Database: Engineering Village Updates

Elsevier communicated the following enhancements to Engineering Village 2.

  • The “Ask An Expert” section of has always given users the opportunity to ask questions of an expert engineer, EV’s product specialist Colleen Hunter, and/or an organization’s librarian. Expert engineers have experience in a variety of disciplines, including mechanical, chemical, and industrial engineering. By re-designing the “Ask An Expert” page, we hope to make it easy for users to find answers to commonly asked questions, and to direct their more specific questions to the appropriate resource. Users will be able to sign up for online trainings and download training materials via links to and send feedback via email.
  • To help Referex users navigate through their e-book results, a Keyword Cloud will be added to all titles. The Keyword Cloud, located in the Book Details section of a search result, will show the most frequently appearing keywords in that title. By hovering over a keyword, users will be able to see how many times the word appears in the book. Clicking on a keyword will take the user to a set of results that displays the pages on which the keyword appears.
  • For advanced users, the Expert Search character limit will be doubled to 8,000. This will allow users familiar with advanced Boolean logic the ability to conduct more complex searches.

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