Researching the Deep Web

Here is an useful compilation of tips and tools to research the Deep Web from the Online College Blog.

What is the Deep Web (or Invisible Web)? It’s the Internet content that typically will not appear after a Google or Yahoo search. This content is harder to access for various reasons: it’s dynamically generated, it comes from scripted or contextual pages, or is protected by password, for example.

The USF Libraries do give you access to great Deep Web resources as we provide the subscriptions to hundreds of databases and thousands of electronic journals, on campus or off-campus. That means that not only you can identify documents of interest, you can actually access the full-text or files themselves. That’s not always the case, even for some of the resources listed in the link. Don’t forget that alumni and community members can visit a USF Library to access most of those resources on-site as well. Look for the public access workstations.

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