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New database: American Periodicals Series

To further scholarship in many disciplines, the USF Libraries recently purchased the online version of the American Periodicals Series.

American Periodicals Series Online features over 1,100 periodicals spanning nearly 200 years from colonial times to the advent of American involvement in World War II. Containing more than seven million digitized page images, titles range from America’s first scientific journal to popular magazines.

The publications in this collection cover three broad periods:

  • The years between 1740 and 1800 that offer insight in America’s transition from a British colony to an independent nation with eighty-nine published journals;
  • The first sixty years of the nineteenth century that showcase the golden age of American periodicals where most great literary works of the nineteenth century appeared in a magazine with more than nine hundred titles; and
  • The Civil War (1861-1865) and Reconstruction (1865-1877) period that reflect the nation in turmoil and growth, the settling of the West, and the emergence of modern America with more than nine hundred titles.

Because the database contains digitized images of periodical pages, researchers can see all of the original typography, drawings, graphic elements, and article layouts exactly as they were originally published. American Periodical Series may prove useful in the following disciplines: history, arts, social sciences, humanities, statistics, medicine, sciences, and government and international affairs.

For these resources and other library databases, visit Click on “Search the Databases” (MetaLib) to begin.

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