Website of interest: the Royal Society’s Trailblazing

To commemorate the British Royal Society‘s 350th anniversary in 2010, the Society made public today an interactive website called Trailblazing, giving access to 60 original manuscripts of papers published in its journals during its history.

Among the highlights from the Trailblazing site are: a 1770 scientific study confirming that composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was a genius and, more recently, acclaimed British scientist Stephen Hawking’s early writings on black holes. Also included are Sir Isaac Newton’s landmark research on light and colour, a gruesome account of a 17th century blood transfusion and Benjamin Franklin’s famous kite-flying experiment to identify the electrical nature of lightning in 1752.

The Royal Society hopes that the new interactive site will inspire members of the public to see science as part of everyday life and culture. According to Royal Society president Lord Martin Rees, the scientific papers on Trailblazing represent a ceaseless quest by scientists over the centuries, many of them Fellows of the Royal Society, to test and build on the knowledge of humankind and the universe. (from Knowledgespeak Newsletter)

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