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Eresource Update: Wiley InterScience journal backfiles

Based on high use for the current issues, turnaways on the unsubscribed issues, and high journal impact factors, the USF Libraries have acquired specific Wiley InterScience journal backfiles as a one-time purchase. With the purchase of these journal backfiles, access now begins with volume one through the present.

The titles in the Wiley InterScience journal backfile purchases:

  • Angewandte Chemie
  • Polymer International Journal
  • Teratogenesis, Carcinogenesis, and Mutagenesis
  • Teratology
  • Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities Research Reviews
  • Journal of Experimental Zoology
  • International Journal of Osteoarchaeology
  • Genetic Epidemiology
  • Evolutionary Anthropology
  • American Journal of Physical Anthropology
  • American Journal of Medical Genetics
  • Animal Genetics
  • Annals of Human Genetics
  • American Journal of Medical Genetics. Part A

Click on E-Journals from the Library website to access these and other e-journals.

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