Returning library materials

I would like to provide some details on how to safely return borrowed materials from the USF libraries and to ensure you do not receive fines or bills for the replacement of lost items.

  • Library items from the Tampa Library, the St.Pete Library, the Sarasota Library, the Health Sciences Library or the FMHI Library borrowed at those libraries are to be returned to the PCC/USF Library here on campus. They will be checked in on the spot in the USF library system and sent back safely to their home library. Outside opening hours, there is a drop box at the entrance. If you happen to be at the USF library from which you checked out the book, it can of course be returned there with no problems.
  • Materials obtained by interlibrary loan (ILL): if the title was obtained through the PCC/USF Library, return it to the PCC/USF Library circulation desk. If it was obtained through the interlibrary loan services at the Tampa Library or another USF Library, return the item to that library’s circulation desk. That is where the paperwork for that loan is. Less confusion will ensue and the chance of losing books will be greatly minimized.
  • Videos and DVDs borrowed by a faculty member for class use are to be returned to me. They need to be sent back to specific persons in their home libraries, not the general circulation desk. These are costly items to replace if they get lost: costs for academic use range from $150 to $400+ per title.

Thank you very much for your collaboration!

Updated: a clarification was given to the return of regular USF books and books obtained through ILL.

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